• Started at Volcom in 1999 when the company was roughly 30 people - Worked in Finance & Sales while attending UCLA
  • 1st Job out of college was at Sole Technology - Working in International Finance (Shelved plans to pursue becoming a CPA)
  •  After befriending the owner's head consultant (From Nike/Reebok) I was promoted to Global Sales - with Focus on NEW International territories to Build
  • Worked for Sole Technology for almost 10 Years - Started with less than $1 Million in annual sales turnover and exited managing short of $50 Million in annual sales turnover.
  • Hired by The Kayo Corp in 2012 to step up their Global Business (Focus on Apparel) - Re-Built Key Markets in Europe & Asia and opened up new distribution and agreements in Latin America to archive 300% growth over the course of 4 years.
When not working some other hobbies include: Coffee, Craft Beer, Wine, Niche Food Spots, European Football, Politics, and of course Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Surfing.  I have a great love for being outdoors and staying active.
E-mail: koopsco@gmail.com
P.S. You can read my Sales & Marketing Blog at M8VN


Hired by Primitive Apparel & Skateboarding in mid-2016 to re-align their global brand efforts to the changing landscape of both apparel and skateboarding.

  • Strong relationships with with many of the current distribution partners & many global retailers to facilitate proper brand growth in each country
  • Actively worked to make a positive impact in each country with regard to skate & street culture - the Primitive brand being the catalyst for each action
  • Completed full two week skate tour across the entire country of Canada working with retailers, media, local communities to heighten awareness for skateboarding and the brand.
  • Executed research visit and transition of 3rd Party Logistics provider in Europe (Rotterdam, Netherlands) to achieve stronger product margins and supply chain efficiency for delivery.
  • Initiated and finalized Primitive Completes Skateboard program for all global retailers.


Align my knowledge of branding, sales strategy, and finance with companies to:

  • Provide Superior Customer Service
  • Implement Strategic Goals & Tracking
  • Initiate Coaching that would make John R. Wooden proud
  • Foster Global Brand Story Telling and Marketing
  • Accountability to Service - Sales - Brand Commitments
  • Ensure Margin Integrity & Supply Chain Efficiency for Delivery

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Please feel free to drop me an email if you should have any questions about my previous brand work in branding, sales, marketing, product, and coaching within the USA and Globally. I am always open to hear from others in any industry that I could be of help.